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A bodhisattva is an open-minded warrior, not in the sense of masterful fight skills, but one who confronts a much scarier foe – engaging & hopefully changing their ingrained ways of relating to the world. A bodhisattva is also one who practices Buddhism.

I became a bodhisattva after being diagnosed with ADD  as an adult. Meditation came highly recommended as a complimentary therapy, that along with medication, would help me remain centered. Being centered is a struggle that can overwhelm the quick silver mind of an ADDer.

In one more manifestation of Buddha’s quotation, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” the book that introduced me to both meditation & Buddhism was one that I’d owned for seven years without opening. – How Not To Be Afraid Of Your Own Life by Susan Piver. Susan’s clear writing style & ability to capture Big Ideas in concise paragraphs were/are a tremendous help.

I am an absolute amateur in the study of Buddhism, and my journey on the Path meanders & stops often to look at random shiny rocks, flora, fauna & all manner of interesting ephemera. I have not Taken Refuge although I do have a sangha. I’m also not qualified to help with ADD diagnoses, but am happy to share resources & commiserations.

This blog reflects my experiences & insights on ADD in relation to Buddhism & meditation. I hope you’ll enjoy reading.